Environmental Policy

Green thinking, green printing.

Our commitment to you and the planet.

BCP Media Group is committed to a sustainable environment using eco friendly processes and materials, minimising the impact on the environment.

We use FSC Certified Papers.

ICO number: ICO:00014980326

We’re dedicated to making our business sustainable and minimising the effects on the environment. We’re always revising the processes in which we can reduce our waste, reduce our carbon footprint, prevent pollution and protect the planet in which we live. We also choose our suppliers carefully and ensure their values align with ours.

We promise to

Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill or for incineration
Conserve finite resources
Promote environmentally-friendly waste disposal methods
Continually evaluate and improve our environmental impact

Our digital printing is so quick, easy and cost effective and we recycle 98% of anything we can. We endeavour to only use paper which comes from environmentally and responsibly managed forests. So for every tree used, another is planted.

We are committed to developing an Environmental Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 14001. We constantly review and improve our impacts upon the environment and ensure sufficient resources and training are made available for its effective implementation. We ensure that our business complies with applicable legal requirements, and we are committed to preventing any potential environmental pollution arising from our activities.

We purchase paper from suppliers with FSC and PEFC certification, and strive to use paper with a post-consumer waste content. We work with our customers, supply chain, and other stakeholders to create sustainable marketing and print solutions that minimise environmental impact.

Wherever possible, we look to source raw materials, products and services from companies with sound environmental credentials. From low power consumption digital printing equipment to using vegetable based inks in our printing presses wherever possible.

We employ controls and procedures to limit or reduce pollution, noise and other nuisance, to help reduce consumption of natural resources and energy and to continually improve on current and newly identified environmental aspects.

Let’s look after our planet, together.